Sophomores potato dinner successful


mosley photo

Sophomores Brittnie Garcie and Victoria Shaw visit with customers while they help them fix their plates at the potato dinner.

    With a long line of hungry adults and small squirming children, the sophomores take the lids off their crock pots, and clouds of steam rise to the ceiling. For the second year in a row, the class of 2016 has hosted a baked potato dinner for a fundraiser, attracting nearly 350 ticket buyers this year.

    “Even though we sold a lot of tickets, we could have sold more if we knew that they sold the potatoes by weight instead of number,” sophomore class sponsor Amanda Harter said. “We had a lot of people ask us for tickets at the door, but we simply did not have enough potatoes to sell.”

    Despite the lack of potatoes, the sophomore class learned from the previous year that they needed more meat toppings at the dinner. This year, toppings included brisket, chili, fajita chicken, and ham.

    “I wish we would’ve known to provide more meat toppings when we had the potato dinner,” junior Leanna Gore, who helped out, said. “We had so many potatoes left over that we could’ve sold a lot more tickets if we would have thought more about it.”

    Harter estimates that after all the bills have been paid, the class “should clear at least $2,500.” She said this could mean that they would already have enough money for prom and could choose to skip fundraising next year. , they could choose to stop doing fundraisers altogether because they have enough to cover the expenses for their junior prom and senior trip.

    “I think that we should still continue to fundraise regardless of how much money we make,” sophomore Diana Avila said. “If my class chooses to raise more money, we could have an awesome senior trip and prom.”