Christmas show puts a modern twist on a classic story

    Once again this year, the ban and theater departments collaborated on a community Christmas presentation, with the theater group trying out a style of acting – comedia – that is new to them and that they hope to make a part of their UIL selection in the spring.

    “I’m excited about tonight,” theater director Jill Henson said before the show. “It’s cool that the band and the theater can work together with the fine arts department to put on a show, and we hope that the community enjoys it.”

    The beginner band took center stage first, playing several Christmas carols that featured the band as a whole as well as the different sections individually. When they were done, the senior band took their place and accented the action of the play – A Comedia Carol – with songs between scenes.

    “It’s a pretty great show,” junior Rudy Salazar said. “We did this kind of combined show last year, too. It’s going to be great.”

    The show itself was a satirical take on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, complete with masks straight out of some kind of crazy circus and involving the audience in questions and responses.

    “I enjoyed the show; I always enjoy seeing the kids do their performances,” Engineering teacher Kyle Gleghorn said. “It’s good to see them in a different light than I do in the classroom.”

    With the theater acts pausing to allow the band to perform Come all ye Faithful and several other Christmas classics, the show lasted a good two hours and had plenty of jokes for the audience to laugh at.

    “I thought it was pretty good,” former band member Kyle Reader said. “There was quite a bit that I did like, especially with the whole comedic take on A Christmas Carol. That was something I had never really thought of. That’s pretty unique in it’s own way.”