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Spotlight: Jennifer Dominguez

“Good afternoon, my name is Jennifer Dominguez and these are my partners Sonia Martinez and Vanessa Ramirez. This morning we are here to show you how just like Texas, Everything is better in Buffalo FCCLA.”

Dominguez has loved participating in FCCLA because of the traveling, meeting new people and being able to compete. She has been in FCCLA for two years; her group was awarded fourth place last year and improved by getting second place this year in Chapter in Review Display Senior.

“She has taken on the role as a student advisor by leading her team and other teams to success with their project,” FCCLA advisor Melissa Isaacs said. “She has been a role model to FCCLA members  and I can depend on her giving the right information whether it’s encouraging others and doing the right thing.”

Aside from her schedule, Jennifer likes to be around animals, listening to music and hanging out with friends. Jennifer’s friends said she is shy at first with new people around but once she’s adjusted she is laughing and being talkative with everyone.  

“We have been friends for forever; she has been there for me through anything,” junior Sonia Martinez said. “I will miss her next year but I’m cheering her on wherever she goes.”

After high school, Dominguez will be attending Navarro to study to be a registered nurse and has plans to transfer to UT Tyler.

“I’m excited to be studying what I have dreamed of,” Dominguez said. “I can’t wait to graduate and I’m ready to go into the adulting stage of my life.”