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Spotlight: Eddie Aguillar

Edgar Aguilar, who prefers to be called Eddie, is a freshman who loves music. He loves to listen to music and he loves playing instruments. Eddie is a member of the Bison Brigade, and every Friday night he is out marching on the field with the rest of his band members.

“Whenever I’m on the field marching, I feel like I’m part of something,” Eddie said. “We get along so well that I feel like we are just a big family.”

Apart from participating in the Bison Brigade, Eddie also participates in UIL, FCCLA and Art Club. He likes to participate in many things to keep him busy, and he works hard to keep a high A and B average in all of his classes.

“I’m sure Eddie does fine,” freshman Jazlynn Early said. “He is a smart guy and he is likable, so the teachers probably like him.”

In Eddie’s spare time he enjoys doing anything with music. He also likes to draw, spend some time outside, or watch his favorite TV shows.

“My favorite TV show is Riverdale,” Eddie said. “On the weekends, when I do not have homework or when I am not busy, I like to lay on my couch with a blanket around me and watch Riverdale.”

Eddie has a strong and happy bond with his family. They spend time together when they can and do whatever a normal happy family would. They all love each other equally and they are thankful that they have always been there for each other.

“My family is a very good and strong family,” Eddie said. “I spend more time with them than I do with any close friend. I love the very much.”

After Eddie graduates high school, he plans to make money by working and eventually go to the University of Houston to get a bachelor’s degree. He wants to get a bachelor’s degree to become an engineer in the future.

“I believe Eddie is going to become someone in the future.” freshman Glori Cozart said. “Eddie is a smart and hardworking person. I believe he will become successful in the end.”