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Spotlight: Sedona Whitehead

According to her friends, freshman Sedona Whitehead is not like the other kids at this school. To them, her kind personality sets her apart from the crowd.

“She is a great friend,” freshman Omar Almeida said. “She’s super sweet and cool.”

Whitehead is the quartermaster for the Bison Brigade. Her responsibilities as a quartermaster include doing things such as keeping up with band equipment and helping make sure everything is accounted for.

“She is really good at her job,” senior Jose Sanchez said. “She is always helping us keep up with our stuff and making sure that we all have our heads on right.”

Whitehead is also involved with theatre. Whitehead is known for her love of music, even by people who don’t necessarily know her.

“She is really into music, which is why she is probably in band and theatre,” senior Sheri Donaldson said. “I have one class with her, it’s theatre, and you can really tell she loves it.”

Whitehead is known for being outspoken; however, according to her friends, it is in the best way possible.

“Sedona is different, but in a good way,” Almeida said. “She is very outspoken, but also the nicest person you will probably ever meet.”