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Spotlight: Emma Adams

Belles! Atten Hut! Forward … march! Left, left, left-right-left.

Freshman Emma Adams is a new member of the Bison Belle drill team. She previously went to Dew Junior High and transferred here. She has been wanting to be a Belle since she saw them perform for her first time.

“Moving from a small school to a big school was very nerve wracking,” Adams said.”Being the new girl was scary, it took a big adjustment before I made any friends.”

Adams said has been enjoying being with the Belles and enjoys her time with the group.

“I love being a Belle,” Adams said.”They are welcoming, caring, loving, and make everything so much fun. I love it.”

Adams is also involved in softball, track, FCCLA, GEMS and Spanish club. She wants to be involved in as much as she can.

“Since I am in a new school and there are many more options I want to be involved in as many groups as I can,” Adams said. “Plus, I like staying busy.”

Adams plans on attending either Florida State or Baylor University to pursue a career as a neonatal nurse.

“I really want to become a neonatal nurse; there is just something about it that makes me interested in it so much,” Adams said. “I am very excited to graduate and start my classes.”