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The Aces slide in under the radar

The Aces is an amazing under-the-radar vintage pop band consisting of all-female members. When My Heart Felt Volcanic dropped April 6, 2018, and they immediately caught the attention of the popular band 5 Seconds Of Summer, causing The Aces to join the guys on tour this fall.  

The Aces is made up of lead-singer and guitarist Cristal Ramirez, guitarist Katie Henderson, bassist McKenna Petty, and drummer Alisa Ramirez. In the music industry, there aren’t bands as unique as this one. The electronic and vintage vibe of the songs is extremely soothing but also makes you want to get up and dance.

“You can come get all your t-shirts, cause I don’t like the way I look in them. And just like that, there’s nothing left of you.” ~Just Like That

The lyrical content is gorgeous and the synth and guitar really shapes the album. The songs are relatable and unique in their own ways and I can’t name a song I dislike. A few of my favorites include “Waiting For You”, “Just Like That”, “Fake Nice”, “Put It on the Line”, and “Strong Enough”.

“All you do is take, take, take, take, take like a river swallowing up who’s in your way. All you do is talk, talk, talk, talk, talk really thinking that it won’t get back to me.” ~Fake Nice

The album is also extremely aesthetically pleasing. From the album cover to the style of music, it has a theme that sticks and separates them from most popular bands.

“You’ve kept me sleepless every night. I swear this is the last one. Trying to brush you off but you keep stumbling into my songs.” ~Last One

The overall feeling of the album and the rhythm is soothing and happy. I’d definitely recommend When My Heart Felt Volcanic to anyone who can enjoy vintage vibes and pop music.