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Student Council starts spirit poster parties

Students are boosting up spirit, pride and honor by making spirit posters. The posters are sponsored by student council, they invite all students to come to this poster making partie. They buy all the material needed into making these posters and provide snacks and drinks for the students.

“I came the first time we made posters,” sophomore Lindsey Gonzalez said “ I wanted to help promote spirit.”

The first day was a success in making the poster, but conflicts with other school events has proved to be problematic for the group.

“I was the only person that arrived last Thursday,” junior Nishit Tailor said. “I was a little disappointed because I stayed after school to make these posters, and no one was there.”

Despite the fact that students didn’t go to the poster making last Thursday, the group plans to continue to offer the chance to make spirit posters. There was a meeting on Monday with student council to discuss how to boost  attendance for the poster making. All members agreed they needed to advertise the event more and invite their classmates to attend.

“The meeting really opened my eyes. I realized how little we’ve actually been doing,” freshman Jazlynn Early said. “I plan to be more involved. That’s the whole reason why I joined student council: to make a difference in the school.”