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Musgraves explores her indie side

Kacey Musgraves is known for her ability to twist the world of country music into different versions and making them her own. In her new album Golden Hour, Musgraves explores a more indie side to her music. In the album, she talks about love, loss, and learning how to live in both. The lyrics are mostly deep and heartfelt and followed by easy-going and flowy beats; however, she is still very much in touch with her country roots. Listening to the album gives an overall vibe of what it’s like to be living in the golden hour.

One song called “Slow Burn” is a fan favorite. It is her most autobiographical song on the album. The song is based on an ex-boyfriend. In the chorus, Musgraves sings, “I’m alright with a slow burn. Taking my time, let the world turn. I’m gonna do it my way, it’ll be alright”

Musgraves’ Golden Hour album is full of fuzzy beats and deep lyrics, which creates the perfect mood to fit her album title. Although this album is very different from her others, it is still just as popular. The album was released on March 30th and has already been nominated for the CMA Award for Album of the Year. “Golden Hour” is the perfect album for people who are looking to feel the music and not just listen to it.