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Latest trip to Jurassic World full of suspense and action

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was released on June 22, 2018. It is the fourth movie in the series that started with Jurassic Park. This movie is a science fiction and action movie that was directed by a spanish film director, Juan Antonio Garcia Bayona.

Starring in the movie, Chris Pratt, who plays the role of Owen, and Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays the role of Claire, return to Jurassic World Theme Park to rescue the remaining of dinosaurs from a volcano eruption that will take over the entire island. Knowing that Owen and Claire will not be able to rescue all of the dinosaurs in time, there were already people helping rescue the dinosaurs. However, while Owen and Claire were on the island, they find out that the people helping didn’t just want to save the dinosaurs, they wanted them for something else. Owen and Claire then encounter something dreadful.

The movie’s cinematography and lighting were great. The lighting was always focused on the things that would stand out. The music was excellent as well, with a memorable new theme song that fits the dark tone perfectly. There’s also a ton of choir work, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Parts of the movie were so nerve wracking because I didn’t know what was going to pop out or what was going to happen. The music made every scene more intense.

Bayona’s directing received a lot of praise, and is one of the most commonly stated positives about the film. This is not the first film Bayona has directed and it is definitely not the last. People are out there waiting to hear and watch for more to come from this great director.