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Bison Belles hold tryouts for 2018 line

The Bison Belle drill team is all about following the traditions that has existed for the past 60 years, but for the 61st line the team may create a new tradition. For the first time, the Belles will have co-captains to lead the team – juniors Iveth Molina and Lupita Martinez.

“I’m really excited to be a part of the team that will have the first co-captains,” junior Ashley Thunderhawk said. “Iveth and Lupita are going to make good captains for the team.”

Out of the eleven girls, excluding the co-captains, that tried out to be officer, only five received the titles they wanted. Junior Ally Smith is first lieutenant and freshman Kayla Saenz, sophomore Emma Reeder, juniors Mykayla Dennix and Josalyn Taylor are lieutenants, as well.

“When I got out of tryouts I was so positive that I would not make officer,” Smith said. “But I am really glad that I am going to be first lieutenant.”

In addition, Scarlett Carrillo will be Social Officer President abd Iris Guerrero will be Vice President. Although they are not lieutenants, they are still an major contribution to the drill team.

“I wanted to be lieutenant, but I am still glad that my friends are able to do it,” Guerrero said. “I can still try out next year, so I’m ready to be a part of the team.”

The new girls that are going to be part of the 61st line are freshmen April Martinez, Dayani Compean, Emma Adams, Trystah Dennix. The manager will be junior Stefani Trejo

“The 61st line will have 27 girls, which is an huge difference from the 41 girls we had on the team this year,” Molina said. “I am happy that we will have fewer girls, that way the bus rides will be less stressful.”