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Student Spotlight: Bradley Kelly

He has the responsibility of getting his team from Point A to Point B. Pressure is on his back and shots being fired. People are caught in the crossfire. He is leading his game character through the game.

Junior Bradley Kelly has always had a passion for video games. One of his favorite gaming accessory company is Razor.

“Games have always been a hobby for me,” Kelly said. “The immersion of the game has always attracted my attention.

Kelly is a part of the game club. He has been a member since the club organized.

“The game club allows me to connect with different people and share my interests,” Kelly said. “Game club is very fun and allows me to socialize.”

Kelly also interacts with people from all around the world that he meets while gaming.

“It is amazing how many people he meets,” junior Mykayla Dennix said. “Usually he is very anti-social. I am glad that he is able to meet and interact with different people.”

Kelly takes advance courses. Currently he is in AP Physics.

“He tries in physics,” junior Josh DeVaney. “We both try actually. We are both pretty bad in physics but we work together to help each other out.”

Kelly learned how to play trumpet in middle school and participated in the marching band for two years.

“Playing the trumpet was difficult but I guess I liked the challenge,” Kelly said. “I still play the trumpet every now and then.”