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Travel ban goes too far

The Supreme Court heard arguments today regarding president Donald Trump’s travel ban. A decision is expected by the end of June.

The Supreme Court should find Trump’s travel ban to be unconstitutional because it goes beyond the President’s constitutional powers.

The President’s duty is to execute the laws that congress creates. This means that executive orders need to be rooted in existing federal law. President Trump’s travel ban is not rooted in any existing law, so by passing the executive order, he overstepped his boundaries by acting as a policy maker rather than a policy enforcer. President Trump’s travel ban is also discriminatory. It disproportionately targets Muslim-majority countries. This discrimination is out of line with the constitution.

Unfortunately, the court seems to be skeptical of the challenge to the travel ban and seem ready to approve a revised version of the plan. The ban is poor policy, but the conservative members of the court seem unwilling to acknowledge that.

President Trump’s travel ban goes too far beyond the powers granted to Trump by the constitution. The Supreme Court should rule against the travel ban.