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Chemistry classes create explosions

Who says chemistry is all hard work and no play? People that haven’t had the experience of blowing up a balloon with Hydrochloric acid and Zinc, that’s who.

“The hydrogen balloon is a fun lab for the students that take the PreAp Chemistry,” Teacher Patrice Cox said. “It’s a fun way to introduce stoichiometry to them.”

Sophomore Mollie Dittmar keeps an eye on balloons during chemistry lab. Menefee photo

Cox has been doing the hydrogen balloon lab for the past three years. It started when some of her PreAp students wanted to see an explosion.

“I was really excited when I was Mrs. Cox told us we would blow up the balloon,” sophomore Landon Folsom said. “I almost forgot we were actually learning about chemistry.”

Some of the sophomores knew about the hydrogen balloon from the juniors that took the class last year.

“I saw some of the junior’s videos of the lab last year,” sophomore Mollie Dittmar said. “I was excited to do it this year after seeing how much fun they had last year.”