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Student Spotlight: Vaneza Dominguez

Vaneza Dominguez has lived in what she calls a ¨small town¨ her entire life. Aside from it being small, she loves it here with all her friends and family.

Dominguez spends most of her spare time on her phone and hanging out with her friends.

¨Vaneza has been my best friend since second grade,” freshman Iris Guerrero said. ¨She has always been there for me, no matter what.¨  

Dominguez wants to be a RN nurse, but if nursing doesn’t work out, she would like to attend art college. She also wants to travel around the world. 

¨I would love to go to A&M to take art classes,” Dominguez said. “I also want to go to college so I can be a nurse.¨

She concentrates on her grades and stays focused to keep them always passing, and she also manages to keep up with volleyball and FFA.

¨Vaneza is a very good student; she always pays attention and gets her work done on time¨ teacher Sheila Ruble said. ¨She never talks while I’m talking or interrupts me.”