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Baseball team starts scrimmage season

The boys are fired up. They are ready to go into the field. They are in position and they stare down the pitcher in hopes of intimidating him.

It’s baseball season, and the Bison start off with a scrimmage against Mildred in Mildred.

“The scrimmage went well,” sophomore Landon Folsom said. “I think it’s going to be a great season.”

Mildred has been the only scrimmage for the boys. The other two days for scrimmages were cancelled due to weather conditions.

“I was pretty upset the other scrimmages got cancelled,” senior Blayne Stauffer said. “I understand the reason why, though.”

The boys defeated the Mildred Eagles. Since the game was considered a scrimmage, the score didn’t count in their favor.

“The boys did amazing in the scrimmage,” Coach Bryan Pauler said. “Even though there were little mistakes, I am still very proud.”

Saturday’s scrimmage was supposed to be in Buffalo, but due to bad weather it was postponed to a different day.

“I really wanted to play here but the weather wasn’t in our favor,” sophomore Ethan Doyle said. “I am glad it was changed to a different day.”

This was also Coach Orr’s first baseball scrimmage. He hasn’t coached baseball before.

“I enjoyed the scrimmage,” Orr said. “For me being new to the job, I think I’m doing well.”

Even though the boys have only had one scrimmage they are expecting a good season.

“You can’t really determine a season through a scrimmage,” junior Marshall Jonas said. “But I feel that this will be an amazing season.”