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Faculty Spotlight: Monica Soria

Monica Soria has lived in Buffalo since she was four and graduated from Oakwood High School. She moved to Tyler to attend Tyler Junior College and moved back to be part of the high school staff.

Soria is working for her fourth year on campus. She works as the school registrar as well as a lunch clerk.

“I think she very good at her job,” teacher Amanda Harter said. “Even though she busy, she always has time to answer my questions when I need her.”

Soria has made really close connections to some of the students. She said she likes how everyone at the high school is like a really big family. She is always encouraging the students to be independent and supports them when they struggle. Soria’s wiliness to help other when needed truly shows how passionate she is about the students.

“Mrs.Soria is one of very few people that are trustworthy with personal and general things at school,” junior Yomele Almeida said. “She is a very good support system and very helpful whether it’s inside or outside of school.”

While Soria was in college, she was still undecided about what she wanted to study or do but she first picked speech therapy. Later on, she decided to try social work and become trained in American Sign Language. She wanted to be skilled in multiple areas.

“I picked social work because I wanted to make a difference,” Soria said. “I learned ASL because I thought it would be cool to learn it.”