Bad Grandpa brings its own brand of humor to the screen


    The movie Bad Grandpa combines the crazy stunts of Johnny Knoxville with a storyline of a grandpa and a boy.

    When Irving Zisman (played by Knoxville) is left a widower, he is excited for his “freedom” and is off to spend the rest of his life doing what he wants. His plans are dampened when his grandson, Billy, is left with Irving. The two are then off on a road trip to take Billy to his real father. Along the way, Irving introduces the young Billy to a whole new world of dubious people and questionable situations, all with a grandfather/grandson relationship that is like no other.

    Gross jokes and pranks are used liberally throughout the movie, and the two actors play well off of each other. The unsuspecting citizens and other scenes are sure to bring a few laughs. If you’re into this kind of toilet humor, Bad Grandpa is a must see.