Kindergarten students invade high school

Junior Ekta Patel helps one of the kindergarteners with her project. The FCS students spent most of the day working with the younger students.

    With name tags on their shirts and grins across their faces, the kindergartners boarded the school busses. They travelled to the high school to pair up with Family and Consumer Science (FCS) students to make ghostly rice crispy treats, footprint ghost paintings, and a huge sign saying what they were thankful for to give to their teachers at the end of the day.

    “We wanted to do something fun that these kids could look forward to doing for Halloween and Thanksgiving,” teacher Brenda Land said. “The kids had a blast that day, and it went really well.”

    Several of the FCS classes pitched in to help with the event in order to provide a pleasant experience for the little ones. Students like junior Lauren Helmcamp manned different stations in the rooms so the students could participate in all the activities at the same time.

    “I really enjoyed helping out with the Kindergartners because it brings a smile to my face knowing I made their day,” Helmcamp said. “My favorite part was working the food because I really like making neat little treats for the kids.”

    Art teacher Amanda Harter also chipped in to help out with the festivities that day. She, along with some art students, were in charge of the neon paint that made the ghost foot paintings glow in the dark. The kindergartners rotated shift to allow the greatest number of students to participate at the same time.

    “I was glad to help out with the children,” Harter said. “Everyone had a good time with the crafts because they allowed to children to use their imagination.”