Floral design class begins to crank out arrangements

Freshman Natalie Freeman decides which flowers to put where on her first arrangement. This was the first year for the floral design class.

    Flower arrangements showed up in most of the classrooms throughout the day on Halloween, as Mandi Neals’ second and fourth period floral design classes started actually handling flowers and arranging them.

    “Basically, we are incorporating hands-on learning.” said Neal. “Each one has the same principles, but each one is different. Each student’s is individually different.”

    The arrangements will be an on-going work in progress as the classes continue to learn more about the subject and move beyond the basics.

    “It is just for the class,” said Neal. “It goes along with what is taught in the class. Just like how they build robots in the robotics class.”

    Many of the students in the class signed up for the class because they wanted to learn to do these sort of projects and assignments.

    “I really wanted to design flowers,” senior Miriam Ramirez said. “Considering it was my last year, I really wanted to do something fun.”

    Since this was the first year for the class to be offered, many students who had never thought about learning to arrange flowers at school until they registered for classes last spring and saw it offered on the list of classes offered.

    “It was fun arranging our flowers,” junior Deisy Zaldivar said. “It was a new thing to do, something I never thought I would do.”