World War Z not worth the price


   Over the summer, I decided to take my younger cousins to see a movie. With all the mindless video games they play involving zombies, I came to the conclusion that the new movie World War Z would be a  good choice. I myself was also a little interested in this film because I have read the book. What I got was instead a waste of my forty dollars.

    Besides the theater charging me an arm and a leg for a bag of popcorn and three drinks, and the theater being stuffed to the gills with people who had nothing better to do with their time, like me, I was still genuinely excited about the actual movie. The commercials I saw for it made it out to be a action-packed movie about a zombie apocalypse, and that’s exactly what I expected, at first glance.

    After the previews ended, and the movie actually began, I soon realized that this would be nothing like the book. After sitting through two hours of watching a city that looked like Detroit become even more chaotic, and watching Brad Pitt  run from scene to scene, fighting a total of about 5 zombies, with him being in every scene, I realized that, if anything, the script was not even merely close to the actual book, but was a complete knock off of the movie 28 days.

    After the movie ended, and we left the movie theater, I remember hearing the oldest one of my cousins saying “what a piece of crap!” I wanted my money back, and apparently so did my cousins. But, I knew that Brad Pitt was already using it to feed Brad-gelina and all his adopted children. Out of a total of ten stars, I would rank this one at a medium 4, or high 3.

    Besides being disappointed and utterly appalled by the film, I was generally sickened by the fact that not only was Mr. Pitt purposefully in every single scene, but was also playing the hero by infecting himself with a deadly virus to camouflage himself from the zombies. If you ask me, I wish this movie didn’t have a happy ending, and instead was just a Mr. Pitt discovering the “antidote” didn’t work for him.

    There’s at least forty dollars I’m never seeing again. I don’t recommend this movie to anybody, except Brad Pitt himself and all his smugness.