Timeless novel worth the read

Timeless novel worth the read

     Earlier this year, The Great Gatsby came out in the theaters. Not for the first time; not even the second or third. The 2013 version of the film was the fourth movie made of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s timeless novel, following a silent movie in 1926 and two more movies, one in 1949 and another in 1974. Surely a novel that has resulted in four film versions (as well as a television adaptation in 2000) is worth checking out in print.

     It has everything teenagers love: partying, love triangles, betrayal. The Great Gatsby takes a look at the downside of living the American dream. Full of irony and complete with a tragic ending, it shows the recklessness that can come with wealth and with youth.

     In the early 1920s, Nick Carraway moves to Long Island to learn about the bond business. There he meets his neighbor, Jay Gatsby, who throws extravagant parties every Saturday night. One day Nick drives out to have lunch with his cousin, Daisy, and finds out that his cousin’s husband is having an affair with someone.

     As the Summer progresses, Nick finally gets invited to one of the ‘famous’ Gatsby parties everyone is talking about, there he finds out that Gatsby knows his cousin and the he’s in love with her. Gatsby then asks Nick to help reintroduce them, after they’re reintroduced, Gatsby and Daisy rekindle their love and thus begins their love affair.

     Soon enough, however, Nick will see through the cracks of Gatsby’s modern lavish existence, where obsession, madness, and tragedy await. In the end it’s a really good book, and it’ll definitely bring a tear to your eye.