Spanish Club heads to Ft. Worth


gleghorn photo

Students on the Spanish Club field trip watch a coin drop in a display at the museum where they watched Star Wars.

Last Saturday, Spanish Club students hopped on a bus and headed to Fort Worth for a fun filled day. Students ate lunch at Joe T Garcia’s mexican restaurant, and then went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science Omny Theater to watch Star Wars.

For some club members, the movie was a little out of their comfort zone.

“I never thought I would like Star Wars because I thought it was going to be boring,” freshman Makayla Gilliam said. “I actually liked the movie, but my favorite part about the trip was going to the stockyards.”

Even the adults on the trip had a great time.

“It was a lot of fun, surprising, and the movie was very loud,” sponsor Cindy Eppes said. “The food was awesome in a beautiful Spanish setting.”

Overall, the field trip was a fun experience for students with their friends.

“We went to eat at this really juicy restaurant,” freshman Macky Morales said. “We all thought it was by far the best field trip ever.”