The Boy filled with suspense and terror

The Boy is a horror thriller that hit theatres on January 22. The story takes place in England in an old, wealthy home. A young American girl, Greta, (played by Lauren Cohan from the Walking Dead) goes to the house in search for a job as a nanny. Only after she is hired does she find out that the family’s eight-year-old son is a life-size doll, which the parents use as a replacement for their son, Brahms, who died 20 years before.

When the parents leave on a trip, the new nanny is left with a list a rules that she must follow to take care of the boy. After she breaks most of the rules, strange and disturbing things begin to happen, and she starts to believe that the doll could really be alive.

With the naturally gloomy setting of England, the fog and mist only adds to the dark atmosphere of the scenes. Viewers share Greta’s terror as they watch the evidence of Brahm’s movements and come to realize that things are not right in this house or with this doll.

The movie is rated PG-13 for violence, terror, and some thematic material.