San Andreas full of suspense


A seemingly normal day in California quickly escalates into one of the most disastrous days recorded in history. The San Andreas fault was triggered creating a magnitude 9 earthquake, the largest recorded in history. Ray Gaines (Dwayne Johnson) is an LAFD search-and-rescue helicopter pilot; he and his ex-wife (Carla Gugino) must travel across California in an attempt to save themselves and their daughter (Alexandra Daddario). As California crumbles apart, many people are put in danger and many more are killed as the buildings burn and fall.

The movie is very suspenseful, dramatic and realistic. This could happen one day and this movie is giving us some warning in advance. I really think that the perfect actors were chosen because not many people could play the main roles as well. This movie is PG-13 and shows brutal sights with the mass destruction taking place. I enjoyed the realistic features and the fact that this could take place any day so people may be better repared. I recommend this movie to an older audience, teenagers and up.