Student Spotlight: Kayleigh Rhodes


scott photo

Freshman Kayleigh Rhodes works on a journalism assignment during class.

There is always that one student who is focused on their dreams, determined to achieve them, and outworks everyone to be the best. Freshman Kayleigh Rhodes is the epitome of that perfect student. She is very successful in academics, and works hard to shine on the basketball court, as well.

“Kayleigh is very intelligent,” freshman Tana Cleveland said. “She knows everything.”

Kayleigh is involved in many activities and organizations. She is in journalism and student council, as well as the basketball team.

“Basketball is by far my favorite sport,” Kayleigh said “When I’m on the court, adrenaline and excitement run through my veins.”

Kayleigh is well known among her peers for being an extrovert and always being positive about every situation. She is always seen either laughing or dancing.

“I guess you could consider me a silly person,” Kayleigh said. “I just enjoy life and live it well.”