Friday Night Faves named early this year


kelly photo

Friday Night Favorites show off their after being announced last Friday night.

While Friday Night Favorites are usually reserved for the last home game of the year, since Homecoming is in that slot this year, Friday Night Favorites were announced last Friday night.

Senior Diana Avila said she felt really loved by the band after being chosen as a Bison Favorite.

“It was pretty cool,” Avila said. “I was surprised and really happy.”

Junior Zack White was also elected by the band.

“It was freaking awesome,” White said. “I’ve worked really hard to get where I am in band, so I feel really honored that I was chosen.”

Freshman Lupita Martinez was elected by the Bison Belles as the line favorite.

“I was really surprised,” Martinez said. “I think I deserved it because I’ve worked really hard for what I do.”

Sophomore Gracie Davis was voted as Belle Officer Favorite.

“I felt loved,” Davis said.” I didn’t expect my name to be called as one of the Bison Favorites, because there are so many great girls in Belles.”

Senior Kendall Morales was named as cheer favorite.

“I was super excited to be the cheerleader favorite,” Morales said. “I love all of the girls I cheer with, and I have gained so many friendships this year with them.”

Senior Jacie Jones was voted Football Sweetheart. She’s been involved in cheer for the last four years.

“It was an honor,” Jones said. “I didn’t expect a thing; I was so surprised when they called my name for Football Sweetheart. I thought it was a really sweet thing, and I was really excited about it.”