Student specializes in karate


contributed photo

Freshman Jacob Patterson poses with his instructor before class.

For more than four years now, freshman Jacob Patterson has been spending time each week learning karate at Mind, Body, and Soul Dojo in Buffalo. He said he first became interested in karate when he was defending his little brother, Ethan, and didn’t really know what to do.

“A kid was making fun of him,” Patterson said. “I started getting annoyed because he wouldn’t stop.”

Now, though, it is about more than just defense. Patterson has a green belt and is just one belt away from his black belt. Currently, he is ranked fifth in his class.

“Took me five years to get where I am,” Patterson said. “[It will] probably take me four more years to get the black belt.”

Patterson has competed in two tournaments. He won a bronze medal at one tournament and a silver at another.

“My two goals are to get the black belt,” Patterson said. “Also to be able to defend myself.”