Belle uses computer skills to help group


molina photo

Sophomore Natalie Uptmor uses her computer talents when she can to help with the Belle music cuts.

Belles isn’t just all about dancing all the time. When the team need music cut or has technical problems, sophomore Natalie Uptmor is the Belle with the knowledge to find a fix

When Natalie was eight, she wanted to spend more time with her older sister, which included doing whatever big sister was doing.

“I loved playing games with my sister,” Uptmor said “but since I wasn’t that great back then, she made sure I improved so we could play computer games together.”

Natalie has taken those skills and used them in high school.

“Cutting music doesn’t really take much time,” Uptmor said. “During the summer practices I cut some music during our lunch break so that we could practice with the right music.”

Natalie is a social officer for the Belles and loves to use her outgoing personality to help make the other girls comfortable.

“She has a wonderful personality – It’s bubbly and contagious; you can’t help but be happy when you’re around her,” sophomore Chelsea Harter said “I am happy she is on the drill team.”

Her wonderful personality doesn’t just show in Belle’s but also in the classroom.

“She’s a sweet girl that likes science and math,” chemistry teacher Patrice Cox said. “She’s also a very smart girl who get her work done.”