The Gift is a thoughtful thriller

A young married couple, Simon (Jason Bateman) and Robyn (Rebecca Hall), move to Los Angeles and accidentally run into one of Simon’s old classmates, Gordo (Joel Edgerton). The next day, they have a house-warming gift on their porch from him. Although startled that he managed to do so, because they didn’t give Gordo their address, they still invite him over to thank him.

Throughout the movie, the couple receives more mysterious gifts and have increasingly stranger encounters with Gordo. As the movie progresses, Simon’s secrets begin to be unearthed and Robyn begins to wonder how well she really knows her husband. The viewer begins to wonder if Gordo really is the bad guy, or if Simon is just projecting lies about an old acquaintance.

The Gift is more of a “thinking man’s” thriller. The movie starts out a little slow, but once it starts, it rolls right along. The characters are complex and vivid. Joel Edgerton, who is also the director, did a great job of not letting his character become too strange. This is a movie for the people who are more involved in the character development then jump-out-of-your-seat frights. For anyone who like a mental scare, this movie is the perfect choice.