Inkspell continues the Inkheart adventures

Inkspell continues the Inkheart adventures

An ongoing theme of the InkHeart Books is the power of words. In real life, words have the power to change minds, move armies and beat others down. But in the Inkheart Trilogy, words hold even more power than that.

At the end of Inkheart, Resa, – Mo’s wife who was taken Into the Inkworld – was reunited with him and their daughter Meggie. Now,Resa has told Meggie all about Inkworld and she is enchanted with the wonders and dangers of its magic.

Dustfinger also wants a way into the Inkworld, to see his family again, and he finds it with a man named Orpheus, a man who can read things out of the book like Mo and Meggie. When Dustfinger leaves to go back to the Inkworld, he leaves his companion and apprentice Farid behind.
Farid, however, wants to be with Dustfinger, so he goes to Mo and Meggie for help. Mo of course said he would not, because he didn’t want to hurt him, not to mention what reading someone in would bring out. Later that night, though, Maggie she will do it on one condition: that she can go with him.

What Maggie didnt realise was that the Inkword is a very dangerous, which means Mo has to come in to save her once again.

This book was very good, much better than the first, and I give it three out of five stars.