Dumb and Dumber To doesn’t live up to expectations

Dumb and Dumber To doesnt live up to expectations

After decades of waiting, fans of Dumb and Dumber had a chance to catch up with their favorite dummies this weekend. Dumb and Dumber To topped the box office, raking in more than $38 million.

Main actors Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) have set off on more adventures and getting into even more trouble. Their new biggest adventure is to go and find Harry’s long lost-daughter because he wants to finally meet her. Throughout the movie, even though they can’t even understand basic math, they learn life lessons and make the audience realize even things not understood can have a profound effect.

The movie might be raking in the bucks, but it was not worth the wait. The characters just seem tired of it all. a bit lazy in their acting, and not up to pulling off the stunts they have in the past.