Ouija is scary but predictable


Ouija is finally out in theaters just in time for Halloween screams. Produced by Jason Blums, Blumhouse and Hasbro, the movie follows the storyline of a board game that has become horrific.

The movie takes place mainly in the house of Debbie (played by Shelley Hennig), who finds a Ouija board in her house; as soon as she finds it, strange things start to happen. Later on she is found dead, leaving people to believe she committed suicide. Her best friend Lanie (played by Olivia Cooke) is sad and wonders if there is any way to contact her best friend – she becomes obsessed with trying to figure out why Debby would have killed herself.

Lanie gets the Ouija board and convinces some close friends to get together to try and contact Debby with the Ouija board in the house that she died in. A little after they start, a spirit answers, trying to spelling out its name only getting the letter “D”. Later on they find out that this spirit is not Debby. Now these friends are fighting for their lives with someone that is not physically alive.

Viewers, if you are looking for thrills and scary moments that don’t rely on an in-depth story line, you will absolutely love this movie. If you are looking for a thriller that moves beyond the typical plot of scared-teens-fighting-a-scary-spirit/monster/killer, then you probably want to save your ticket money. The movie has plenty of jump-out-of-your-seat moments, but they are all pretty predictable.