Band uniforms arrive in time for pictures


villarreal photo

The band shows off their new uniforms for their fall picture.

    Making the move from out-dated military-style uniforms to brand new corps-style uniforms, the band members were excited when their new duds arrived in time for fall pictures this week.

“It’s just like christmas,” drum major Gracie Davis said when the uniforms first arrived.

While everyone was excited about the uniforms, there were some mishaps. More band members than expected and lots of new members meant that finding a uniform for everyone was difficult.

“They’re pretty cool, but we had a few complications on getting everyone fitted,” junior Diana Avila said after helping the rookies find their uniforms.

There was also a shortage of uniforms at the end. Picture day found the group short of a jacket for one of the marchers and not enough pants to go around.

“Since there was a shortage of uniforms it was very disappointing not being able to be a part of the picture,” junior Kendall Morales said. “Hopefully in the future we will get it sorted out.”