“Carrie” remake stays true to novel


    “Everyone will know her name” are the words on the theatrical release poster for the new remake of the 1976 horror film Carrie. It was the third film version of Stephen King’s 1974 novel, and the most faithful-to-the-novel version yet.

    Carrie White, a shy social outcast, is the victim of bullying. After experiencing her first period during gym class, she thought she was bleeding to death. Her mother, who is very religious, thinks menstruation is a sin, so Carrie was never given the true physical reasoning behind what was happening with her body. After the main bully, Chris Hargensen, recorded and uploaded the gym scene to YouTube, the gym teacher Miss Desjean gives everyone who tormented Carrie detention. Chris refuses and so is suspended for three days and not allowed to attend prom. Chris and her buddies plot revenge, while classmate Sue talks her own boyfriend into taking Carrie to the prom. After the infamous pig blood scene, Carrie goes on a killing spree.

    Chloe Grace Moretz plays Carrie and is the first actual teenager to do so – the 1976 film starred Sissy Spacek, who was 27 at the time. Carrie’s mother, Margaret White, is played by Julian Moore. Moretz’s acting was amazing and they could not have picked a better actress to take on the role of Carrie.

    Drama and suspense lovers will really enjoy this movie. It is a timeless thing for just nearly anyone –  the high-school drama that goes on at some point for everyone, although in this case taken to nearly biblical proportions.