How guys manage relationships focus of new movie


    Boy meets girl, they fall in love, get married, and have kids. Well that’s how it’s supposed to go anyway. In the “happily ever after stories” we are never told about the weird and uneasy moments that happen between two people before they are truly comfortable with each other. The Awkward Moment spills all the secret breakdowns that guys experience pre-relationship.

    As good as the movie is overall, there is really one main reason to go see The Awkward Moment: Zac Efron. Efron is portrayed as a fairly attractive, rather awkward character throughout the movie. When he and his two friends, cast as Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan, vow to maintain their single lives, things take a totally different turn when all three fall in love.

    It is said that you can’t help who your heart falls in love with. After the three boys meet their special ladies, they have to work around how to still keep their vow, but be with their girls as well. By avoiding being in an actual relationship, the guys are able to stay true to their promise, but then their “girlfriends” are left wondering what they are.

    After the girls start to bring the heat to put a label on what they have going on, the boys start to reconsider the pact. Through many different awkward encounters, and numerous rejections the guys finally decide what they need to do. They take their girlfriends, finally, over the pact, and choose to be three happy couples.

    So this was one of those stories that ends in a happily ever after, but it wasn’t without trial and error. The Awkward Moment finally puts it into perspective of how embarrassing and how completely humiliating the pre-dating experience can be.