Campus hosts college and career fair



Kyle Harrison and his classmates listen to the Army representative’s spiel.

Kaylen Sanchez, Reporter

The week before Thanksgiving break, multiple colleges, businesses and servicemen were here to present and represent what their college or career entailed. As the first semester starts to inch toward its end, the students had an opportunity to look around and take a look at careers that could potentially be their future. Although seniors are the ones leaving in May, this fair was beneficial to all levels of students, creating an idea of what it would be like to have a certain career and getting to hear about the bumpy roads people have taken to get there.

While some people have a certain idea of what they want to do or who they want to be, many students aren’t sure of their choice, making this beneficial to their consideration process. Although nothing is official, many students have an idea of where they want to go to college due to this fair. The booths set up in the gym seem to be the most helpful.

“Navarro is the college I want to go to now” freshman Blas Zapata said. “They told me about their band program and long story short, that’s the college I want to attend.”

Athletes had a chance to check out college sports programs that might interest them.

“My favorite station was the gym fair because of the ETBU booth,” freshman Cole Davis said. “The lady who was working that booth let me know that she would put in a good word for me to the coaches.”

Not only was the college aspect helpful but the career aspect was as well. 

“Nucor was my favorite station because they explained how you’re basically getting paid to go to class and learn something that would eventually earn you six figures a year,” Hector Carrillo said. “This will be really helpful for my future.”