NHS holds blood drive

More than 100 students donate



Students had to go to the lower gym to donate, which meant climbing stairs when done; adviser Donna Vann said she hopes to find a new donation spot in the future.

Breanna Kowis, Reporter

Blue tape and tired students meant it was blood drive day for the fall NHS-sponsored event. Luckily, Ms. Vann said no one passed out this time, although she said she would like to find a new spot to hold the event that did not have students climbing stairs right after they donated. The stairs and the possibility of feeling drained or even fainting did not deter students, though, and there were more than 100 donors.

Junior Alaina O’Daniel donates every time she can and said she believes others should do it because blood donation can save lives. 

“I have been doing the blood drive since my freshman year and I love doing it every time,” O’Daniel said. “I thought it would be a great experience. Other people should 100% do the blood drive because it’s such a great feeling to help others.”

NHS adviser Donna Vann has been the organizer for the blood drive for five years and she said she loves doing it every year. She tries to advertise to get more students to participate because she understands how hard it is for hospitals to keep plenty of blood stored for emergencies. She said she loves how many students donate every year just to help other people. 

“I understand how hard hospitals have to get people to donate blood; I get why they come to high schools to try and get them to participate,” Vann said. ”It warms my heart to see so many students come down and give blood to people who need it the most.”