Smiles are not always a good thing

Smiles are not always a good thing

Yuliet Gonzalez, Reporter

Halloween might be over, but for scary-show lovers, there are still plenty of horror movies to watch and enjoy. For anyone who loves a good scare on the screen, Smile is the perfect movie.

Smile was filmed in June and released in October. It has gotten more than 26 million views since it was released and has made 186 million dollars worldwide. The movie was written and directed by Parker Fin.

Smile is about people who are being followed by a dark force, causing their loved ones to shut themselves out from their lives and not talk to them anymore. Because of the visions they are having and the voices they are hearing, they believe they are losing their mind. 

It starts with a young therapist, Dr. Rose Carter (Sosie Bacon). She experiences a terrible accident during a session with one of her patients. After this session, she starts experiencing unexpected things that didn’t happen to her before. She starts seeing people smiling at her. She believes that this all started happening because of the trauma she had while growing up in a broken home with her mom. The smiling people she is seeing are a curse that was transferred from her patient to her. Because of this curse, things at home with her fiance aren’t going too well, either. They start arguing more often and spend less and less time together. Rose has to get rid of the demonic unworldly force if she wants her life back.  

Her ex, Joel (Kyle Gallner), is a cop and helps Rose get deep information about cases he has found and helps her talk to people that can give her more details about things they’d also experienced. Together, they figure out that the curse has been passed on to 20 other people in a chain. He helps Rose to survive the curse and be the first one to dominate it without having to do anything horrible. 

There are fewer violent scenes than in the typical horror movie, and Smile is definitely one that messes with the viewer’s mind and goes for the jump scares as well. There are extreme amounts of gore and violence, with face-slicing, face-ripping, gurgling blood, a dead cat wrapped inside a child’s birthday present, stabbings, fire, screaming, panic, nightmares, and more. Language is also strong. It’s not for the faint of heart, but viewers who like to live on the edge will love it.