Halloween Ends looks like the end of an era


Breanna Kowis, Reporter

Halloween Ends is part of the Halloween movie series and most likely the last.

The first movie in the series was released in 1978 and was a hit the minute it came out. Teens and adults around the world raved about gruesome scary thriller and the series became a cult classic.

The newest installation was released on October 14 and as soon as it came out, people were hooked. True fans don’t want it to be the last. This is a classic Halloween movie which means all the great characters that fans have come to love are here. That includes Michael Meyers, putting in an Oscar-worthy performance.

While the ending gave an “end-of-series” vibe, it lacked the drama it could have had. The rest of the film, however, was an excellent thriller and gave suspense, drama and even a little romance. It has it all in one move and it honestly fits perfectly with plot of the full series.

Watch the other Halloween movies before watching Halloween Ends because you need to know the whole story to understand some of the things that occur in it. Be cautious watching with young children because it has quite a lot of gore, but Halloween fans everywhere should be catching this movie and honoring the history behind it.