Tyler, the Creator churns out another hit album


Lindsey Hardin, Editorial Team

Tyler, the Creator’s music has had an obvious incline in talent and personal style. CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST is no exception and is an exceptionally great album.

CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST won Best Rap Album at the 2022 Grammy Awards, made it to #1 on the Billboard 200 chart, while also having a record vinyl release. CMIYGL set the record for having the largest sales week for a rap album since Luminate began tracking sales data in 1991.

CMIYGL consists of 16 songs and times out at just under an hour long. The album’s genre consists of rap, synth pop, and reggae deviations. Alongside his beautiful production, Tyler, the Creator’s music follows very fun and interesting storylines that make listening that much more enjoyable and engaging.

The first three songs give exposition to the album by introducing the “Tyler Baudelaire” persona and giving a brief summary of the story. The storyline begins on the fourth song of the album, “WUSYANAME”, where Tyler meets a girl and falls madly in love with her. Throughout CMIYGL, Tyler Baudelaire travels across Europe and flaunts his riches to the aforementioned girl while they attempt to hide their relationship from her boyfriend.

In SWEET, Tyler expresses how much he really loves this girl and how their relationship has blossomed over the time they’ve spent together. However, in the second half of the song, I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE, the relationship is abruptly ended when the girl decides to choose her boyfriend over Tyler. Throughout RISE!, BLESSED, and JUGGERNAUT, Tyler boasts about his travels, spending, and how successful his life is.

In WILSHIRE, Tyler opens up about how the breakup has actually devastated him. He retells the whole story of his and the girl’s time together in the eight-minute song from their initial meeting to the time they spent hiding their relationship from the girl’s boyfriend.

The album comes full circle when in the last song, SAFARI, Tyler Baudelaire returns to his life of traveling where and buying what he wants.

If listeners ever have an hour to spare, CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST is definitely worth a listen.