SZA keeps singles rolling


courtesy of Genius Lyrics

April Martinez, Co-Editor

After fans begged SZA for new music, her once deleted single “I Hate U” was released Dec. 3. Although she hasn’t announced a new album since 2017, the R&B singer has released multiple hit singles such as “Hit Different,” “Good Days” and “Kiss Me More”.

This groovy heartbreak song first became popular on the app TikTok after being released anonymously through a SoundCloud account. In a tweet by the singer, SZA said: “this started as an experiment on SoundCloud but y’all asked for it on streaming … here it goes.” It’s still uncertain whether “I Hate U” will be on her second album, if she ever plans on releasing one.

The upbeat and spunky sounds in the intro of the song makes listeners think it’s going to be a happy song, but the heartbreak lyrics tell us otherwise. “And if you wonder if I hate you … I do,” are the petty response to a breakup. The melody and lyrics are a perfect combination that will have fans screaming every word.

SZA has been one of my favorite artists for the past few years because of her relatable lyrics and beautiful chorus. She combines R&B styles with soul and hip-hop, making her one of the most influential artists of the decade. “I Hate U” is another great example as to why she deserves the title.