Seniors celebrate week with dress-up days

Seniors arrive for no-backpack day with alternate forms of carrying their things all day.

Seniors arrive for no-backpack day with alternate forms of carrying their things all day.

Sherlynn Rodriguez, Co-Editor

Seniors roamed the halls wearing their creative and unique outfits. This was their week to shine.

Last week seniors had dress up days as a way to celebrate their senior week. The dress up days started on a Tuesday since there was no school on Monday.

“We decided to make these dress up days because we thought it would be fun and unique,” senior Omar Almeida said. “We wanted a creative way where seniors would participate and have fun.”

Tuesday’s dress up day was Senior Citizen Day. Seniors wore pajamas, hair rollers, and used canes as a way to imitate an old person’s look.

“I loved Senior Citizen Day, I thought it was so funny and allowed for a lot of creativity,” senior Jazlynn Early said. “I loved seeing my classmates go all out; so many of the girls wore actual pajamas, robes, curlers and the guys had canes and walkers.”

Wednesday dress up day was bring anything but a backpack day. Seniors got to bring whatever they wanted as a replacement for their backpack.

“This day was my favorite because it’s the day where everyone participated,” senior Anthony Gonzalez said. “The things that some of the seniors brought were really funny and crazy.”

Thursday’s dress up day was Met Gala day. Seniors got to wear their fanciest and craziest outfit they had. Many of them wore tuxedos or their prom dresses.

“I didn’t think people were actually going to dress up this day but a lot of them did,” senior Saloni Jariwala said. “I loved seeing all the pretty and beautiful dresses that the girls wore.”

The last day was senior overall day. Seniors wore their custom and decorated overalls and their senior shirts.

“I really enjoyed dressing up every day and seeing everyone else participate,” senior Hannah Travis said. “I definitely think this was a fun way that got seniors involved and made fun memories.”