Travel club works to earn funds for summer trip



Sophomore Aiden Savage waits on customer Caidence King at the concession stand after school. The after-school hours have been a big hit with students on their way to the bus.

Tristan Cole, Reporter

The travel club had their plans for last year put on hold because of traveling restrictions to Europe due to COVID, but they are working now to raise money to travel to Switzerland, Italy and the French Riviera for 10 days this summer. The students and teachers Lauren Rodriguez and Maria Salazar have spent the weeks so far this fall running the concession stand after school each day as well as for home volleyball games and a debate meet that was hosted on campus.

“We are working every concession stand we can,” sophomore Cylen Brown said. “I think we will do very well and raise more money than is needed.”

Individual members have also been working on creative fundraising methods. Junior Millie Lane and her family are selling raffle tickets for a PS5 to raise money for the trip. Millie says they have already made $300 and are still raising money

“We can’t wait to go all the way to Switzerland and see things we have never seen before,” Lane said. “My family and I have been working very hard to raise money for the trip and make this fundraiser a success. I can’t wait to see who wins the raffle.”

Most of the students planning to go will be making their first trip overseas. And while the trip is months away, they are enjoying their work together to earn the money to go.

“I can’t wait to get to know everybody, meet new people, and make new friends in the Travel Club this year,” junior Shelby Johnson said. “Mrs. Rodriguez is such a good teacher and is teaching us everything we need to know to be prepared.”

The teachers are as excited as the students.

“I can’t wait to take this amazing group of kids to all these new and exciting places that are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities,” Rodriguez said. “It should be really fun and the kids should have a blast; I know I will.”