Students earn ribbons at San Antonio Ag Mech show


The trailer for the Ag Mech show is lined up with the competition at the San Antonio Ag Mechanics Show. The students will compete in Houston as well.

Kaline Martinez, Editor

Sparks were flying in the ag complex in the weeks before the San Antonio Agricultural Mechanics show. Students created a variety of projects to showcase. 

Seniors Sydney Lebel and Katy Webb created a chair bench from wood and a metal trough (a feeder tub). They were inspired by Pinterest and decided to turn it into a real-life project. The chair bench has been sold for $300, and money will be split up between both seniors. The project received a red ribbon, meaning the exhibit met most standards and expectations, but some improvements could be made in workmanship, design or expression of what was learned in the project. 

The water trough bench built by Sydney Lebel and Katy Webb earned a red ribbon.

“It was a really fun project to do, I think I stayed at school late that whole week trying to finish it, but I got it done,” Lebel said. “It wasn’t bad for a couple of girls doing a welding project. I’m still pleased with the results.”

Seniors Wade Taylor, Grant Bell and BJ Latham built a trailer. They all helped to cut and grind metal to put together the 26-ft long trailer. The trailer received a blue ribbon, meaning they earned a spot to place. 

“My favorite part about it is that we have a hydraulic jack. I was pretty happy about the results, we could have definitely done a whole lot better.,” senior Wade Taylor said. “But it was a mistake on our end, we forgot the books or everything would have been perfect.”

Although they struggled a bit in some areas, the boys and girls’ hard work paid off in San Antonio. The students are ready to make necessary adjustments for the next contest in Houston. 

“I am excited for the next competition,” Lebel said. “We’ll be making some adjustments: we’re going to sand it down, repaint and fix the side of the armrest to be better-rounded with the trough. It’s going to be worth it.”