Lady Bison finish season

Boys still fighting for a playoff spot



Freshman Elizabeth Daniel races to stay on the defensive during a game against Crockett.

Iris Valles, Assistant Editor

The Lady Bison basketball wrapped up their season last week while the boys have their last week of basketball coming up. The boys are finishing up with the goal of earning a playoff spot.

The girls were disappointed to see their season end without a playoff berth.

“We had challenges throughout the whole season and we fought through them every time,” junior Avery Hardin said. “It wasn’t the season we hoped for, but there is room for improvement. It just sucks the seniors had this type of senior year.”

Throughout the season the girls faced challenges like losing players to COVID and also injuries. That didn’t stop them from going out there and competing through the struggles.

“This is the toughest season we have had, with all these injuries and COVID constantly wiping out people,” sophomore Bailey Beshears said. “Even then we still went and competed with everything we had and worked with what we had.”

The girls had to adjust to new coaching and techniques and learn to play with the new members of the athletic program. The girls team is such a young team there was so much room for learning and improving.

“In almost every sport the team is filled with underclassmen, which isn’t bad because they just have more room to learn and improve,” sophomore Abby Brewer said. “Next year they are going to come out and have more knowledge and experience. I am so excited to see where we are next year.”

The boys team started district play immediately following their football season without the benefit of weeks of practice, but that hasn’t stopped them from growing throughout the season.

“We started off with our first district game, and we had only practiced a few times together so we were all getting to know how we played,” senior Asa Henson said. “But now we are all connecting and we are doing really good and we are all working hard and are pumped to fight for a playoff spot.”

The boys are tied for fourth with opponent Groesbeck. They have this week to fight for their spot in the play-offs. They take on the Westwood Panthers and Fairfield Eagles.

“We have been doing really good this season even when we lost our coach to Covid and players, too,” junior Thomas Grissett said. “We are really fighting for our spot because we work really hard in practices and games. We want it bad.”