Flappy Bird provides challenging entertainment


    I finally forced myself to download the app that is blowing up Twitter and Facebook: Flappy Bird. I honestly didn’t think that there could be a game that was more addicting than Candy Crush. Boy, was I wrong. Such a simple game, but so hard to do.

    Flappy Bird requires very little thinking to play. The point is to make the bird fly through the middle of two tubes by tapping the screen, and any contact with the tubes results in a game over. Each tube you pass through is one point. As simple as it sounds, it isn’t that easy.

    It took me at least ten tries before I was able to even pass through the first set. It seems like such an easy thing to do, so when you can’t do it you start to get frustrated. But from personal experience, that frustration just made me want to beat my previous high score, and that is the exact reason that it is so addicting.

    The makers of Flappy Bird must get a kick out of seeing how angry some people get when they keep dying. It’s actually a rather smart idea really. They get the accomplishment of making a successful app and a laugh or two here and there.

    Although you can’t actually beat Flappy Bird, the desire to have the highest score out of everyone keeps people entertained. After all, we are naturally competitive, so we never turn down a challenge.

    First it was Temple Run, then it was Candy Crush, and for now I guess it’s Flappy Bird. We’ll see how long a little bird and some green tubes can hold our attention.