Blige’s Christmas album is a must-have

Bliges Christmas album is a must-have

    Award-winning singer and actress Mary J. Blige comes together with some of the best talent in the music business to record her first Christmas album, A Mary Christmas, for Verve records. Blige, working with all-star producer David Foster, has come up with and album that is, as always, both funky and hip-hop at the same time. She did change up her sound some to showcase Foster’s mellow tones, but also showcases Blige’s distinct sound.

    Every song in this collection is worth listening to over and over again, and the songs will be around for many Christmases to come, no doubt. Teaming up with stars like Marc Anthony and Barbara Streisand, Blige has outdone herself; the music is astounding and the selections showcase her voice beautifully. This is definitely one to grab before the shelves are cleared out.