Every Soul a Star well worth the read

Every Soul a Star is a well-written and amazing novel by Wendy Mass. Mass has also written many other stories for young adults, the most successful being A Mango-Shaped Space.

Moon Shadow is an isolated camp where three pre-teens meet and change each other’s lives. Ally lives at camp Moon Shadow, Jack was invited to write a report over the Solar Eclipse happening, and Bree was there because her parents decided to move to Moon Shadow. The story is told in Ally’s point of view, then switches to Jack’s, and then to Bree’s point of view throughout the story. The theme of this book is change; each character goes through huge levels of turmoil in their lives. In the end, Ally grows friendlier to the world, Bree becomes more accepting of her inner geek and Jack grows more confident due to their shared experiences.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The way the author pulls readers into each character’s perspective on things is terrific. I recommend this book for all ages; it taught me to be more open-minded to new things. I love the idea of the Exo Planet and how hard they try to find it and explain the importance of it. Overall, I really like this book and would read it another time because of how it attracts the reader and entices them as they read.