Band competes in marching contest


mosley photo

Senior Morgan Altom lends a hand to senior Jordon Millar while the girls, who are in the flag corp, get ready for competition. The Bison Belles also joined the band this year in their competition.

    “Wow. We’re finally here. Now it’s time to show the judges what we can do.”

    Jade Morales had a million things running through her mind as she took her place on the football field, but she wasn’t the only one. Band Brigade members had set themselves a goal of earning a division one rating at their second year of marching competition, which would move them on to area. The band failed to please the judges, ending up with a division three despite their belief that this year’s routine was much better than last year’s, which received a division two.

    “I don’t know what we did wrong,” eighth grader Brittany Sims said. “I thought we performed an amazing show because we all tried our best. I guess we just didn’t have the right style that the judges were looking for.”

    The band traveled to Belton, Texas to compete at Mary-Hardin Baylor University for the 2A competition A lot of familiar schools were present at the contest, along with huge bands that the Bison Brigade had never seen before.

    “I couldn’t believe all the things I saw the bands have as far as field decorations,” junior Rudy Salazar said. “I saw big metal gears, western style gates, and space alien costumes. It was really intense”

    The band performed three epic songs from this year’s themed show, “And the Legend Begins…”. The show included “Gladiator”, “Carmina Burana” and a percussion feature called “The Herd”.

    “To this day, that has been our best performance yet,” senior co-drum major Kortni said. “I’m very proud of them no matter what those judges think about our show. They’ve worked really hard all year, and it showed on the field that day.”